Top 5 Websites to Look for A Government Job

With an estimated three million people working as government employees, serving the American public in all 50 states and around the world, the federal government is clearly the largest employer in the U.S. Representing a little over one percent of the U.S. workforce, this three million doesn’t even factor in military personnel, contractors and those working in the federal courts and legislative branches.

In other words, the government consistently offers a huge potential for college graduates, career professionals, veterans or anyone interested in transitioning careers to find the kind of job they truly want as well as a career that offers the opportunity to serve their country and the American people in a wide variety of fields and functions.

5 Great Reasons to Work for the Federal Government

  1. The federal government is always hiring! With new jobs being created every day to keep up with the changing needs of government and the citizens (in addition to federal workers who are retiring), the government always has positions open and waiting to be filled by qualified individuals.
  2. The federal government will help you pay for higher education degrees. Entry level government jobs frequently come with the option to take courses related to the job so that you can continue advancing in that career. Having highly qualified employees not only benefits the government and the citizens it serves, but also benefits you as one of their employees as well!
  3. Federal government jobs pay very well–probably better than what you imagined they would pay have competitive compensation packages which includes healthcare and retirement benefits. Washington Post article reports that most earn between $50,000 and $100,000 yearly, with a lesser number making $40,000 to $50,000. Non-government, entry level positions typically pay less than $30,000.
  4. Federal government jobs offer flexible work scheduling, paid vacations and benefits to encourage a healthy, life-work balance.
  5. Many federal government jobs have the opportunity for upward mobility where an ambitious and qualified member of the team has the ability to prove themselves and be rewarded with paths for additional responsibilities and leadership roles.

Do you want to investigate or probe new federal government career opportunities but don’t know where to start? Amit Magdieli has assembled five great websites for you to use when searching for job openings in the federal government.

Top 5 Websites to Find Government Jobs


  1. USA Jobs – Main government job site (

At USA Jobs, you can create a password-protected account, search job titles, save results of job searches, upload any documents necessary for applying to certain jobs and view the status of applications. Eligible veterans searching for federal employment at USA Jobs who served on active duty or are disabled are given special consideration when applying for federal civil service positions.

  1. Defense Civilian Careers (

Current “hot careers” listed at this Department of Defense job site include dentists, defense contract management and accountants. Just a few of the numerous employee benefits offered by the DOD include medical and family leave, on-site childcare centers, 26 vacations days annually and leave-sharing programs.

  1. Defense Finance Careers (

Careers available at the DFAS website includes accounting, auditing, human resources, information technology, contracting and mission support. In addition, students of all ages will be interested in exploring the Pathways Programs that provide federal internships for high school, undergraduate and post-graduate students.

  1. Homeland Security Careers (

Homeland security jobs, border security, cybercrime specialists, federal emergency managers and working for the Federal Protective Services are just a few of the many job opportunities always open and available at the Department of Homeland Security website. Students can also find information about internships, scholarships and fellowships as well as hiring programs designed to match the skills of job seekers.

  1. Jobs for Veterans in Government

Veterans can investigate a wide variety of employment opportunities at FedsHireVets website, at the Military Veteran Employment Center and the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs Employment Services web page.

For more information about the benefits of working for the federal government, contact AmitMagdieli Professor of eGovernment, Policy and Government Programs, School of Information Studies at Syracuse University.


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