About Amit Magdieli

How to appoint/ federal Labor, Educational Leaders Amit Magdieli is an idealistic civil leader who made a commitment at a young age to make public service his calling and Washington, D.C. his home. He is driven by his strong patriotism and energetic desire to make a difference and change the lives for the better of others and his country.

After successful stints at PricewaterhouseCoopers, IBM, the U.S. Department of Labor, and the National Academy of Public Administration, as well as prosperous relationships with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Forest Service, District of Columbia Government and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Mr. Magdieli has become known for getting things done, and getting them done effectively and efficiently. He has a sensible and sensational ability to organize matters and projects across a wide breadth of functional areas, align strategy to execution, and do it with a calm, and even humorous, demeanor. As a result, he has positioned himself as a valuable leader ensuring that day-to-day operations work well, crises are averted, and every day challenges are properly managed with positive outcomes.

Specifically, Mr. Magdieli is a top-notch problem-solver. He has the innate aptitude to cultivate a reliable and trustworthy network of resources that allows him to partner issues with experts, then execute solutions.

In addition, Mr. Magdieli’s public service experience and excellent financial management, human resources and operational process skills has enabled him to best understand how to help any organization solidify its strategy and connect its workflows to make sure it is aligned with its mission. Combining this organizational efficiency with an aspiration to improve the quality of work and life for employees as well as advance the workforce with on-going training and education, clearly reveals his ultimate end game for the sound and strong success of any organization, while continually moving it forward with focus and commitment.

Mr. Magdieli’s professional proficiency for managing projects comes out of his burgeoning love for construction and housing projects. His want to cultivate old things and build new ones. He states: “There is something very satisfying about a tangible result that comes from working with your hands, with infusing some blood, sweat and tears into a new project. Envisioning the design, aesthetics and functional skills needed to accomplish a new project is very exciting to me.”

When Mr. Magdieli isn’t solving problems and delivering results, he can be found touring Washington, D.C., awe-inspired by the energy and beauty of the city with its diverse neighborhoods, old character-filled row houses, impressive monuments and historical buildings. He also enjoys spending time with family and friends, often skiing, scuba diving or biking.

A New Jersey native and then post-secondary student in Atlanta, Mr. Magdieli received his MBA in Management and Finance from the Johns Hopkins University and his BA in Economics and Political Science from Emory University. He is an Adjunct Professor with Syracuse University teaching graduate-level eGovernment courses at the School of Information Studies. He has co-authored books, articles and white papers on a variety of government management topics. Most recently, he wrote a white paper entitled: Optimizing Government Effectiveness Through Shared Services and contributed to a book Managing Public Dollars: New Rules, New Roles, New Opportunities for Federal Financial Managers.

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